How far are you willing to go to pursue your passion?

     There were a few dark points in my life where after years of having quit smoking, there I was again; blaming stress for my poor choice. Living in a family where i have lost, now, countless members to tobacco related cancers and other forms of cancer, these things tend to hit too close to home for me.  It wasn't until i was introduced to vaping that i began to explore the benefits, and healthier alternative to quiting.... I'm down and i can still get the nicotine, and i have the option to lower the dose, or not have any at all if i so choose.. i was down!  As i began to kind of "fall in love" of sorts with it; i found there was a whole other sub-culture related to it, similar to street racing if you will, its a family.  As i began to get more and more educated and the nic level began to decrease i started to figure out how to integrate this new found love of mine into what was always a passion for me; Photography. This is where the fun began, and so did my new found relationship and friendship with Bad Cool Aid.  Through Instagram i came in contact with @vapemagazinecom which sky rocketed me into the lime light of through these simple acts of networking came what has been one of my most precious relationships to date. Bad Cool Aid.  
     Peter had welcomed me into his family and network and for this i am forever grateful. His brand has pushed me harder and harder to develop skills and concepts i didn't know i possessed or could tap into. Not only has vaping cleaned up my lifestyle, but has now begun to push my photography to limits i could not have imagined. If you would have told me a month ago i would be featured across nearly five websites.. and countless Instagram accounts, i would have told you " That's the dream isn't it..?" And now to be featured on a delicious premium e-juice brand's front page.. I'm speechless. By any means i do not want you to think  like this is about me, because it isn't.  It is the collective result of several entities coming together as a family to help one another.  

To Be Continued....

We are a  Vape Family.

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