Immolation Competition Wires - Stainless Steel Alloy Hybrid

The official wire of the World Series of Cloud Chasing(WSOCC).
Endorsed by AV- Avid Lyfe


Immolation Competition Wire Is a new breed of wire that is a true “game changer” in the Vape Scene. This medical grade stainless Steel alloy hybrid wire  is composed of only the finest mixture of stainless steel and other medical grade food safe alloys. It does not release gasses when being heated up and cooled down under the current temperatures that e-liquid is vaped under. Immolation wire has an extremely fierce, almost instant ramp up time for heating. The wire is very malleable, and is one of the most tarnish resistant metals know to man. It is not brittle after being heated like many other types of wire. This means that you can reshape, and straighten out the coils in between cotton changes effortlessly. Immolation wire will not leach rust onto your wet cotton, and it actually has mild temperature controlling properties. The temp control is not as intense as nickel or titanium, but it will register under most temp control devices, and keep your coils from over heating. Immolation Wire has a much lower resistance than all of the Industries leading brands of vape wire, making it progressively gaining popularity in the “cloud competition” scene The package comes with 10 feet of wire in 24g, 22, 20g, & 18g for the same price as most company’s charge for 6 feet. That’s right! You get an extra 4 feet with Immolation for free! Every 10ft pack of wire also comes with three XL Geisha Cotton, 100% organic unbleached Japanese cotton pads. This is the purest full flavor wicking material for RDA’s and RTA’s around. The definition of Immolation is- “To sacrifice or kill, especially by fire.” That is exactly what you will be doing to the competition in future “cloud comps” if you rock this hard hitting, game changing Immolation wire on your Mod. Pick up a pack today and you will be blowing clouds.


We now have our wire going through a new Hydrocarbon stripped/ Sterilization process making then hands down the cleanest vape wire in the entire world. There is zero machine oil and zero graphite from the dies used to draw the wire like every other brand out there has.