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March: Red Cross

Since WWII, every president has designated March as Red Cross Month.  To recognize the work of the Red Cross and appreciate all the people who make it possible, BCA will donate 5% of every online order to this great cause.

Uncover your inner hero.  Help us support the Red Cross as they make a difference.

For orders over $100, in addition to 5% of proceeds going to the Red Cross, a BCA employee wil also donate blood (even the most squeamish!)  Yes, proof will be posted on our website via photos and videos.  We hope to get 7 orders of over $100 so our squeamish Director of Marketing & Content can be showcased on video & pics cringing, passing out, and acting like a baby!

Let's do this!  Vape on for a purpose.

 Your opinions & passions matter to us.  Vote for your favorite charity by sending us an email & a short story why for a chance to get on our calendar for a cause & raise money for your favorite charity.