BCA Partner Program

We are looking for an exclusive group of enthusiastic go-getters passionate about vaping and think BCA rocks!  As a BCA partner, you are part of our family and can earn special perks, prizes, and discounts by spreading the word about our brand and e-juices.  What's even better?  BCA partners also have the opportunity to earn extra money with limitless potential.  That means limitless earnings potential, exclusive opportunities to earn perks and cool prizes and intimate support dedicated to your success.  

What it takes to be a BCA partner?

  • Enthusiasm
  • Loyalty
  • Social media saavy
  • Negotiation skills
  • BCA product knowledge
  • High energy

How do I earn as a BCA partner?

There are many ways to earn your perks, prizes, and special gifts.  The main objective: represent BCA and spread the word about our brand and e-juices.  You earn stars as you complete tasks and continue to build our brand by spreading the word.

What types of tasks is a BCA partner responsible for?

  1. Social media awareness: post on your social media sites what you love about BCA.  Ask your friends and family to post on their social media platforms.  Post about our products, promotions, anything that excites you.  (*During the time you are a valid BCA partner, you have permission to use any content, photos, blogs, and videos from our website & social media platforms to post on your pages.)                                                        Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, personal webpages, Pinterest, Tumblr, Myspace, Youtube, Google +, LinkedIn, Mylife, Blogs, Flikr, etc.
  2. Become one of our bloggers on our blog.
  3. Refer a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor, pet dog (kidding on the last one!) to subscribe to our newsletter and if they share your passion and are as awesome as you - to apply for the BCA partner program.
  4. Write a review on our website, Facebook, and Google page.  Encourage your network to do the same if they love our products too.  

I love prizes and give-aways and perks, but SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Earn extra money by visiting vape shops and getting orders.  

For each Vape Shop that places an order, you earn: commission + residual.

For each Referral you make that places an order over $60, you earn 16.67%, over $108, you earn 14.81%, over $212.50, you earn 11.76%, and over $400, you earn 10%.  

*Earnings are paid on a monthly basis.